My Twenty Twenty Capsule Collection

05 November 2021

My Ultimate passion project-my annual Capsule Collection.

Each year I dedicate every day in my studio to designing and bringing my clients visions to life. It brings me so much joy and I love my job. But come December I absolutely crave the design challenge of designing something for myself.

This year I invested in an Ipad Pro which has allowed me to really develop my digital watercolour and drawing techniques.
The desktop planner is an organizational tool that I have used right throughout my career. Every month I worked in cororate, I printed out and did a basic design on an A3 desktop planner. I used this alongside a to do list and note pad. Fashion buying also allowed me to travel all over the world and I would always find myself in fancy stationery stores. Needless to say, I have tried ALL the planners. But nothing keeps me productive and as organized as being able to see my full month at a snapshot and I always came back to this simple way of working. This past year I hung one planner in my closet for personal/wellness goals, one planner on the fridge for home/holiday and school dates and then one in my office exclusively for work commitments and deadlines-seems indulgent but it has been the one thing that has kept me mostly keeping all the balls afloat in all area of my life.

The 22 Garden Collection is inspired by my garden-my sweet little sanctuary. For my birthday last year I asked friends and family to give me money and plants in lieu of gifts and a tiny strip of our garden was transformed with the incredible sight of tea cup dahlias and roses. Every single element in my range has been designed and sketched by me-this is an authentically Indigo and Ivory Designs concept and I just love the prettiness and joyfulness of each month.

My Wild Cats planner is all about the grrr. Quirky and fun animal prints to give you grit to tackle each month in a calm colour palette.

We’ve added two sticker packs to each planner set this year with the introduction of our quirky and fun Everyday sticker pack. 2022 just has to be more fun, add an element of fun to your week by incorporating these sweet emoji stickers to your events

Thank you for your gracious support, you can shop our range here